How to Counter Prince in Clash Royale – Easy Strategy Guide

counter prince clash royale

The Prince card in Clash Royale is one of the strongest troop card in the game. Many new players find it difficult to deal with this card. In this post, you will learn how to counter the Prince in Clash Royale.

Prince is a very overpowered card and if left unchecked it alone can take down a crown tower. Most players randomly drop the unit in front of the charging prince. This might help you to counter the Prince but you would be probably wasting elixir by doing so as the charging prince could take down your unit pretty easily. Rather if you learn to deal the Prince effectively then you could plan for a counter attack with your troop.

Prince is unlockable after the training camp. You should feel lucky if you already got Prince card after the training. It s fact that Prince card was initially launched as a rare card and later made as Epic card. Before we proceed to learn how to deal with Prince card in Clash Royale, let’s learn more about the card.

4 Things You Should Know About Clash Royale Prince Card

  • Prince is actually a ranged troop.  It has a 2.5 attack range. The reason why it is a ranged troop is because of his long lance. He is the shortest ranged ground troop compared to archers, spear goblins, etc.
  • Prince deals double damage when charged. So placing a single unit troop in front of a charging Prince will be of not much use, as it will be easily taken out by the Prince.
  • When you land a melee troop in front of him, they still need to walk at least 1 tile to actually hit the Prince.
  • Prince is a mini tank, so arrows and fireball are ineffective and waste of elixir.

How to easily defend against the Prince Card?

  • The best way to counter a Prince is to lure him to the kill zone between the two towers using low elixir troops like skeleton,  spear goblins etc. When you place your troop in the kill zone (i.e between the two towers) the charging prince will deviate it charge towards to your troop rather than going for your tower.
  • Witch can be used effectively to counter the Prince in Clash Royale. If your opponent plays the prince card, drop your witch behind your tower. It takes the witch 8 seconds to summon new skeletons. These skeletons will be enough to distract the Prince and the same time your tower and Witch will attack the Prince.
  • Dropping a tombstone in front of the tower is also another best low-cost elixir cards to counter a Prince.
  • If you have air units troops like minion and minion horde, place them just above the prince card to deal with the charging prince.
  • The 4 elixir,  Skeletor Army (if you were lucky to get this epic card)could also distract and helps to take down effective way to deal with a charging prince. However if the opponent has arrows, dragon or a wizard backup then this might end up bad for you.

How to Deal Prince Card Combo in Clash Royale?

Many players use Prince card along with a backup troop. If Prince card is used with backup like Wizard or Dragon or Bomber, it becomes more hard to deal with these attacks. The lure strategy won’t work here as the backup troop will take them out. Below are few points to keep in mind when you counter the Prince combo in Clash Royale.

  • Our main objective is to avoid the Prince to attack the crown towers.
  • Use decoy troops to separate or break the Prince combo and deal with the backup troop.
  • If you don’t have available low-cost elixir troops, you can use buildings to lure the prince
  • Try using tank and semi tank troops (like Giant or Knight) having higher life.

Common Mistakes You Make to Counter the Prince?

  • Dropping a single unit in front of a Prince is just waste of elixir as Prince will take it down easily.
  • Ignoring the prince and hoping the tower will deal with him is a bad move. You will be wrecked.
  • Placing defensive troops in front of the tower is not wise. Always place defensive unit at the back of the tower so that you can set up a counter attack.
  • Not dealing with the charging Prince immediately. Counter the Prince attack as soon as possible as the charging Prince deals double damage.

I hope you will be able to deal with Prince attack more effectively now. Make use of these Clash Royale strategy tactics and win more battles. Happy clashing.

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