10 Basic Clash Royale Tips for Beginners

clash royale beginner tips

Supercell is a name familiar to everyone for its interactive mobile social games that are the rage among teenagers and adult children, and entertains the casual mobile gamer all the same. After developing Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Hay Day yet another freemium mobile strategy game, which grew followers by seconds it was introduced by this Finnish Company this year. It is a tower defence time based strategy game where players choose fighters from a set of available deck of cards in an online multi-player battle arena. A new game invites mistakes as well as brilliant strategy. So, here are ten tips every Clash Royale beginner shall deeply implant in the psyche:

1. Gold is valuable, Gems are precious

The cards one receives can be upgraded increasing hit points, attack damage and more, but random expenditure can cost in the long run. Be careful to upgrade only the cards on the battle deck or those that might be added to the battle deck in the future. Gold is earned through chests which range from wooden, silver to super magical and crown chests and can be won through battles with other players or the free chest available every four hours. Gems are rare and received in very scarce quantity which should be spent as the last resort.

2. Don’t push, don’t drop

Lower trophies often pairs up with an opponent with lesser might and thus increases the individual’s chances at a victory and a chest. Advance to the next arena level when feeling confident that the deck and strategies overwhelm the opponents at the current level. Being a beginner don’t try to drop too many trophies either since the algorithms of matchmaking in Clash Royale is excellent, negating chances of unfair pair ups.

3. Never Rush

Don’t deploy troops in a hurry. This leads to faster exhaustion of elixir and disappointing results which can easily turn into a defeat. Often placing the higher HP troops(like GiantPekkaGiant Skeleton) at the front with splash damage troops(like Bomber, Baby Dragon) at the back helps a lot to keep the opponent troops or towers damaged with a distraction while saving up elixir for the next action.

4. Deck Trial

Three slots are available for making custom decks. Use them efficiently and try new combos within the training arena or in a friendly battle within your clan.

5. Have Patience & Wait for the Right Time

If one attacks the opponent before any initial attack have been generated from the enemy clan’s side, the victimized clan can easily counter them with something less expensive in their deck (Arrows for example). Patience is the key to success in arena battle and most other places.

6. Don’t be Selfish

Donating cards in clans will earn one some gems in the achievement and will help the clan as a whole to develop and grow stronger. Some clans even grant promotions based on donations.

7. Watch Youtube Clash Royale Matches

Youtube is an ocean of a video sharing site where finding good clash royale game play is as easy as kindergarten lessons. Check out their tried and tested decks, method of deployment, time management and choose the best ways working for each player.

8. Know the Enemy

During the battle within 40 seconds an individual shall memorize the enemy deck composition and act counter attacks accordingly. This provides the game player an obvious edge to the opponent .

9. Destroy Huts

Barbarian, Goblin Huts and Tombstones are annoying and can generate overwhelming waves of troops if not dealt with quickly. Rockets and High level Fireballs are best to destroy them as soon as they are deployed.

10. Learn from Replays

Be it a replay shared by the friends in the clan, or a friendly battle between two other people in the clan or just TV Royale (has the best battles between players from all over the world), watch as many of them as possible. They provide insights to other people’s mistake and genius, which can be left out or incorporated in the concerned gameplay .

Supercell has always designed excellent games in the freemium sector in mobile gaming with sufficient breathing space for both the rich users and the poor gameaholics, providing a developing experience. Clash Royale is no exception and with the above tips and careful strategy any beginner can hop on it’s easy and straight learning curve.

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